At YBusiness we have many visions for our community, but our immediate focus is  helping local businesses grow, encouraging people to buy local, and promoting local businesses.

Southern Adelaide is our home and we LOVE where we live! We can see the potential for great things in our community and are determined to see it thrive.

Our motto, CONNECT + ENGAGE + GROW is at the root of what we believe and we strongly feel that by encouraging locals  to work together, we can build a stronger presence in Southern Adelaide.

YB’s networking events play a key part in our plan to assist in giving local businesses a platform to spread the word about what they do and make connections within the community to further their business and help it grow. Another huge part of these events is to provide guests with knowledge and empowerment through our successful guest speakers and learning hubs.

The role we play Together we can make a difference

We are very passionate about supporting, promoting and educating local business owners and the community in all facets of business so we can hear more amazing success stories come out of Southern Adelaide.

As well as our networking events, we also work with local business leaders to help develop and facilitate workshops, seminars and online events.

We have so much more in the pipeline for YB and the southern community in the future! Watch this Space!

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